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During the pandemic lockdown I noticed the positive changes of my health from cooking with fresh and excellent quality ingredients. Less groggy, gained alertness and energy. I would like it if other people are healthy and happy making this world a better place. It clicked with my passion as a reputable foodie 

'Let's Share Healthy Homemade Burgers with the People!' 


Ingredients in its prime from home.  We make our beef patty in house by grinding quality Australian beef fresh for you. We are meant to be eaten for its combination of quality ingredients and deliciously healthy components together. Something lesser? We could've served you butter and bread. 

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Connect the people of Dream Burger for higher standard and quality of life. Does good food makes you sad? No, they make you happy as you share the smiles of deliciousness with others. 


Growing together with business that adheres to social responsibility. Be a node in a community that brings each other up regardless of clientele, collaborators or homelessness. 

Penang is a close knitted community. We care about each other. Sometimes not so obvious but it's there. The clientele in the business are treasures. Clients with thirsting appetite for excellent burgers welcome you with open arms into their life. Supporting the business with intense interest to see the business grow. Unbelievably kindhearted. It helps a small business like mine and I wanna give it back to the community through various mediums hence sustainability effort. 









'Burgers for the Community to Make Real Lover'

An ambitious person making progressive step for this world to be a better than it was yesterday with good burgers for the people. I’ve been in the F&B industry for 4 years. Providing food for the people that makes then smile really is joyous.

Shirley Saw 

Burgers for Parties? 
Birthday? Wedding? Colleagues Party? 

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Jelutong. Lorong Hijau 8

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