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Dream Christmas

How do you celebrate your Christmas? Food with family and friends, spend time going about your hobby or just about anything you desire? Have you ever wonder how Santa Claus is always happy and smiling in movies giving away gifts. I'll take you through that journey of a Santa Claus. Dream Burger's Christmas was that of gifting, smiles, warmth and happiness. Heartfelt gratefulness to the clientele. A phenomenal journey was experienced with the clientele of Dream Burger you provided a continual discovery for Dream Burger of insight and improvement. To what better way to showcase a gesture of thankfulness was homemade cookies. One of our long-time supportive client, Rica, was opening up her homemade butter cookies from home. I decided to have her supply homemade cookies for the clients during Christmas. Personalisation is always the motto for Dream Burger's client. So on every cookies we sent out had own names of the loyal clients piped with icing sugar on top of the cookies !

We set out in the noon on the eve of Christmas! The journey was from downtown as we head to the north side and the last to the south side of the island with our social media assistance, Alex, on the wheel. I arrived at our first location to a doctor at a hospital! 'Merry Christmas!!' I said to him as he approached me. I could see the brimming smile of joy and cheery expression indicating from his eyes! (As it was during the pandemic everyone has regulatory procedure to wear a mask) As he received the cookies from my hands he took the cookie closer to his view 'Oh! It has my name!' laughs as he continued to wish me a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with full appreciation and delight! Similar reactions of utmost joy you can possibly see in any of the happiest person in the world, of course with differing characteristic of the person, displaying appreciation and elation for a small thoughtful gift.

I was bombarded with high spirits constantly from clients who received their own cookies. And repetitively I confirmed to myself the joy of these people is greatly irreplaceable and I still remember until today. Flooded with the sweet emotions of giving and loving and sharing with the clients of these cookies reminded me of the fact that happiness is relatively easy to distribute out to the people. Heart and care are the ingredients to it all. I wish to impart that, a gift out of heart is a gift of life to show you care.

You can miss many things out in life but happiness is the goal. Knock yourself out to some jolly moments in our Insta highlights with the amazing clientele. You'll definitely feel the energy of described emotions.

As I gifted out cookies ! From time to time ! Clients gave me awesome food in exchanged !!! I couldn't believe it myself !! I was elated I never thought it would happen! OH my!

They were all too awesome for my heart to comprehend !

It was an amazing as it was unexpectedly taxing but would do it 100% next time kind of experience. Santa Claus' Christmas happened only because of the resources he had with the maker in the factories and the reindeers that did the logistic and I can't be thankful enough to had it happened otherwise other than having Alex and Rica participating this miraculous moments to the Dream Burger Community. The wonders of gifting was beyond expected gratification.

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