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Homeless Food Project

Have you ever thought of how the homeless impacts the society perhaps with the heart filled with frustration or sentiments as to how humans are allowed to live in such conditions.

Why this project matters for the future term and the reasons sustaining the projects will be introduced.

First of all, it needs to be addressed that this is a very complex social issue and not every factor is going to be argued in this essay. Homelessness is a condition of detachment from society characterised by absence of necessary affiliate bonds that link people to network with the interconnected social structure of life. Unemployment is one of the highest cause of homelessness in Malaysia inclusive of low income, lack of financial freedom, negative family welfare and lack of healthcare accessibility. The reasons proceeded to houselessness which initially provided space of living, shelter under a roof with members of the family and good social construct. These are conditions that escalated themselves to be victims of their own circumstances from the lack of essentials of life into a downward spiral becoming desperate that they are exploited by employers to pay less than minimum wage. Homelessness is a spiral effect of reasons merging further together into worse situations.

A ripple effects occurs throughout the homeless community that in turn affects the local community. As homeless play part in zero to none economic contribution or excessive usage of public amenities which creates expenses for the country with substances abuse that jeopardise the reassurance of safety to the locals. Truth to be known.

For those who are really taken aback by this paragraph understand that it is a situation of the society as a whole whom we all live in a capitalist system and doesn't provide the best of the best to each living individual fairly. We don't live in an utopia and everyone is a product of their situation and we have to accept the consequences of that product. When we understand the effects of homelessness we go through as to what is the better solutions to things and improve homelessness into a better situation than it was.

That is why few NGOs are present to making an effort to provide and better future for the homeless. Housing projects as shelters for the homeless and getting them a job to find stability in life. Effort of which Dream Burger will be planning in its future. Making it a better place for the sake of everyone.

I have to remind everyone reading this. It was not my initial idea to be participating contributing to a sustainable community when the business started out but slowly as I get to understand the society it is so interconnected that efforts into helping them further in the future is imperative for the betterment of the whole community. Therefore future actions of the company will be to help the homeless community.

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