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Fermenting Greatness

You, my precious clients, were keen to have beverages to pair with your Dream Burger. As customary, you guys asked and I will to fulfil. Healthy - Homemade - Quality Goodness were the criteria to be correlated to be paired together with our burgers/sandwiches because I want the best for you guys.

Few years back when I went to Hin Bus Depot during one of the weekday, it was quiet all around when my eyes took notice of a cute hut surrounding with healthy luscious plants. ‘Had to visit this place’. Patie, the owner of The Pharm Hut greeted me and slowly got to know about her interesting venture of Kefir Soda with The Pharm Hut.

I had a try of her homemade soda! Kefir soda is a natural probiotic soda made from live cultures and fresh tropical fruits. I’m a person with stomach indigestion issues. Her samples of kefir soda which i tried in many flavours was intriguingly effective because it helped me burped, a lot. No shame, no shame burping all about with my stomach feeling really chill and relaxed. First time for such a healthy feeling.

We went on conversing and she openly shared about her passion with sustainability throughout every significant details indirectly or directly related in producing her kefir soda. Sustainable compost, planting and processing everything that nothing goes to waste or is a damage to the environment. It was epic! My eyes and mind were cranked open by her insight and sustainable practice to produce each and every healthy kefir soda.

Fast forward to today, I serve goodness of kefir soda from The Pharm with Dream Burger. Their practice as a business really should be an example of how food industry or any industry of that matter, sustainability to the core business workings. I’m happy to advocate for The Pharm to flourish further as they provide quality and healthy kefir soda to be shared to Dream Burger’s client and the Penang community while taking conscious actions towards the environment in doing so.

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